• Transmitter Service: We provide scheduled and emergency service, and IOT replacement.

  • Mobile TV: We can help you evaluate and install the best m/h system for your needs. Don't let your current transmitter manufacturer put you in a box. We can help you choose and integrate the right system for your station.

  • DTV Transmitter installation and checkout: We have the experience and equipment to make your transmitter installation seamless and cost effective.

  • Maintenance Programs: We offer two transmitter maintenance programs. Learn more Our exclusive Titanium Elite Service Program is by invitation only.

  • Training: s2one offers individual and classroom training sessions for station engineering staff.

  • Time Domain Analysis of Transmission Lines and Antenna Systems: Using the latest network analysis equipment,we can prevent expensive repairs by locating small problems before they grow into large and expensive ones.

Maintenance Programs

Many stations find that adding a transmitter requires adding more maintenance resources, as well. Especially those VHF stations that have added a UHF/IOT, which require ten times more maintenance than solid state devices. Make s2one a cost effective part of your team; our maintenance programs bring you the extra resources and knowledge you need – yet only when you need them.

Essentials Maintenance Program*
The DTV Essentials Program includes one annual visit to:

  • Check and calibrate the circuits that protect expensive components in the transmitter.
  • Check the safety systems that protect personnel.
  • Analyze system coolant and oil from the main power supply.
  • Conduct thermal profiling of the RF and electrical systems.
  • Check for radiation hazards in the IOT assembly and RF system.
  • Perform routine adjustments and tune up.
  • Provide limited service according to the above analysis (does not include major repairs).

Advanced Custom Maintenance Program*
The Advanced Custom Maintenance Program is individually designed to fit your station's unique needs. Let s2one provide a free quote and consultation to design your custom program. Components that may be involved include:

  • Transmission line and antenna system testing for early detection of problems before they become catastrophic.
  • Transmitter signal quality monitoring, including meter readings and other measurements from our corporate office, in real time, for immediate notification if action is needed.
  • Dynamic filament management to maximize tube life.
  • Proof of performance reporting.

*Maintenance packages are subject to change.

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