s2one provides installation, maintenance, repair, testing, parts, and training for DTV transmitter systems. We’re an authorized value added reseller for Rohde & Schwarz and the exclusive West Coast manufacturer’s representative and a certified consultant for e2v.

We're among the most experienced Power CD, Sigma, Diamond, Ranger and Platinum series transmitter specialists. Because of this experience, we can provide you with informed advice and service as we install Rohde & Schwarz mobile-ready exciters and other m/h components into your existing transmitter infratucture. Before you decide to replace your legacy ATSC exciter, contact us to learn more about Rohde & Schwarz's innovative new mobile handheld ready solutions.

Our comprehensive understanding of the various components in your transmission system helps us tune your system for optimal life expectancy and signal performance (see the Raise Your IQ® section to learn more). We also have considerable experience in servicing analog TV and radio systems, as well, including the world's first solid-state, 1 megawatt AM transmitter.

s2one’s leadership
Our principal engineer at s2one, Mark Hills, offers our clients nearly three decades of engineering experience. Mark was a member of the core design team working on the Diamond series of DTV transmitters. He also worked on one of Harris’ first DTV transmitter solutions which was used by the ATSC demonstration team in China.

Mark also has extensive field experience working for many of the world's leading TV and radio broadcasters, including Voice of America, BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.), KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and Oman Radio and TV, to name a few.

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