Founded in 2000, s2one is one of the country's premier DTV transmission specialists. As an independent consultancy and service provider, our team offers knowledge and expertise, gained from experience that spans the globe from Sacramento to Salalah to Seoul.

At s2one we strive to work with the industry leaders at the forefront of the latest innovations in the broadcasting industry. When DTV was first entering the North American market in the late 1990s, we installed some of the very first digital systems in the largest broadcast markets in the U.S. Now we're pleased to be working with one of the leaders in the mobile television market. s2one is a Rhode & Schwarz Authorized Value Added Reseller for low powered transmitters, test equipment, and mobile handheld solutions.

We also offer the most advanced ESG mobile handheld delivery system.

Making sure you're well-receivedTM is not only our tagline but our mission as well. This mission is now more relevant than ever before with the introduction of mobile handheld devices and other mobile TV technologies. We believe our customers' broadcast transmissions must be well-received no matter what the viewing format or device. This is why we're excited about the future of Mobile TV.

If you've been thinking about Mobile TV, but aren't sure where to start, s2one can help.


There's a road map for thatTM

Call 1-800-270-7050 for your turn-by-turn navigational advice along Route A/153.

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